At Grace, we help people in lots of different ways. We always try to create a fun and communal atmosphere where everyone is treated equally and respected. 


Morning Cafe 

Griffenfeldsgade 54    -    07.00-11.00    -    Sat & Sun

The morning cafe gives people the chance to start their day with some food and a hot drink. Our staff and volunteers are always on hand with a smile to help the guests with their various needs.


Day Cafe   

Griffenfeldsgade 54    -    15.00-18.00    -    Everyday

During the day, people come to take a break from work, or simply to relax in a warm, comfortable space. We offer food and other support to around 25 people every day.


Evening Cafe   

Griffenfeldsgade 54    -    18.30-22.00    -    Everyday

During the evening is when Grace is the busiest. We provide around 50-60 people with a warm and nutritious meal every night, and a place to relax after a long day. As well as serving food you will find us distributing donations, washing clothes, playing games and providing advice and assistance to our guests.


Night Shelter   

Griffenfeldsgade 54    -    22.00-07.00    -    Everyday    

After the evening service, we give 10 people a warm, comfy place to sleep every night. We use a lottery system to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of staying with us. Having a place to sleep has a huge impact, especially during the cold winter months. 

We also collaborate with other shelters in the city to help people as effectively as possible. 


Grace Hostel    

In December 2020, Grace was granted funding to house 16 guests for 3 months in a hostel. The hostel has not only allowed Grace to provide a roof over peoples’ heads for the coldest winter months, but has been vital in overcoming the barriers facing the homeless, such as having a permanent address for CPR registration. Two members of staff are available to the guests 7 days a week, providing guidance and support as well as a reliable friendly face, helping them to navigate their way out of homelessness.



Nørrebro    -    12.30-14.30    -    Mon, Wed & Fri

Three times a week we fill our bike with food, hot drinks, masks and other essential items and distribute it around Norrebro. Because a lot of our guests are busy working during the daytime, our outreach services allow us to provide support to those who cannot come to visit us. 

We also make sure that everybody living in the streets knows about Grace and that they are welcome. 



Sjællandsgade 12A    -    07.30-12.00    -    Friday

Thanks to our collaboration with Sjællandsgade Bad, every Friday we offer people the chance to take a warm shower and wash their clothes. Being able to get clean makes a huge difference for people living in the street, and is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also provide hot drinks and breakfast. 

Advice and Help

Our staff and volunteers are always there to provide advice and assistance. Anyone is welcome to come and talk about any problems they might have. We offer assistance with job searching, CV writing, accommodation advice, translation and navigating the Danish system. 

If we are unable to help, we refer people to other organizations such as The Homeless Unit, The Street Lawyer and Project Outside

Community Support

As well as the people who use our services, we support our local community in Nørrebro. People living in the area are welcome to collect food and other items that they need from us. We aim to build strong relationships with our neighbors and other organisations working in the area. 


Visit Grace Kbh

Grace Kbh
Griffenfeldsgade 54
2200 København N

Opening Hours

Morning Café - 07.30-11 - Everyday - Griffenfeldsgade 54

Night shelter at the Café - 21.30 - 06.30 - Everyday - Griffenfeldsgade 54

Showers - 8-11.30 - Friday - Sjællandsgade 12A

Contact us

Sofie Weinreich Engell​

Manager of Grace Kbh

Phone: 28 47 05 30 



Urté Dane

Deputy Manager 

Phone: 30 68 26 85



Lukas D. 

Responsable for Grace Hostel 

Phone: 24 75 01 35