About Grace Kbh 

Grace Kbh is a place for homeless people in Copenhagen as a part of the social organization Blå Kors Danmark. In winter, emergency shelter is open every night, for the people living on the street.  

For the rest of the year we serve free breakfast and lunch every day. 

We have visitors from Southern and Eastern Europe as well as people originating in Africa who are legally residing in Denmark. These groups enjoys Grace's offer of food, tranquility, community and warmth, as they do not have access to many social cafés and shelters. 

We do what we can to help 

At Grace Kbh you can stay overnight in winter, get free coffee and food, charge your mobile, get help with translating documents, look for job and apartment, make cv and to find your way in the Danish system and more. 

There are two staff members at Grace Kbh, and about 70 volunteers help with cooking, cleaning, playing games, conversations, advice, etc. 

Use the volunteers and staff to talk about what you're struggling with. We help if we can, otherwise we refer to organizations that we cooperate with, e.g. The Homeless Unit, The Street Lawyer and Project Outside. 

Community and activities 

In addition to free food and accommodation, Grace Kbh has several opportunities for community and activities. You can help arrange what happens. For example, movie night, football tournament or cozy night on Saturday Grace. 

Check our current activities on Facebook page "Gracekbh".

Grace Kbh has a recycling container at Baggesensgade 7, 2200 København N. If you have some shoes, warm clothes or sleeping bags and etc. you are no longer using, can be donated to our guys.

Visit us

Grace Kbh
Griffenfeldsgade 54 st.th
2200 København N


Opening Hours

Grace Kbh is open every day from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.  

Free coffee, food, heating and coziness for homeless people - especially foreigners. 


Sofie Weinreich Engell​
Manager of Grace Kbh
Phone: 28 47 05 30 
Mail: swe@blaakors.dk

Urté Dane
Phone: 30 68 26 85
Mail: urd@blaakors.dk

Rose Nickolds 
Responsable for Grace Hostel 
Phone: 51 68 54 39
Mail: gracehostel@blaakors.dk



All people are valuable 

The work of Grace Kbh is based on values derived from a Christian view of humanity. We consider all people as created by God, and that means that every human being is valuable and must meet with equality and charity care. 

Read more about Blå Kors Danmarks human vision and values. 

måltid mad

A warm bed for homeless people in winter - and breakfast for the rest of the year.

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We would like to thank...

Novo Nordisk Foundation for a donation of DKK 1.7 million to accommodate the city's homeless in the hostel during the corona crisis. 

- The Dentist Colosseum, which in collaboration with Plandent and Tandex, gave toothbrushes and toothpaste to the city's homeless. 

- Street lawyer for donation of games, earplugs and amazing collaboration over the last several years. 

A&O Hostel for good cooperation on the opportunity to provide the city's homeless rooms in hostel during the corona crisis. 

The People's House for lending your rooms to our morning café for the homeless during the time we are without premises. 

Region Capital and Regional Director Sven Særkjær to make sure that we do not lack protective equipment and cleaning products during the corona crisis. 

Hvidovre Hospital to send staff to teach us hygiene and protective equipment during the corona crisis, 

Nørrebro Local Committee for 10,000 kroner for Christmas party for the city's homeless during Christmas 2019. 

Karup Design for donating 42 mattresses to our emergency shelter in 2019/2020. 

- Ørtoft A/S for counseling in assessing the redevelopment of an old workshop to a social café in i Heimdalsgade, Nørrebro.

A warm bed in the winter cold 

From mid-November to end of March, Grace Kbh switches from morning café to night shelter. There are the possibility of a good night's sleep under a warm duvet. 

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Become a volunteer 

As a volunteer in Grace Kbh, you have every opportunity to develop your skills. Do you like to be something for other people and are you ready with practical help? 

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Support our work

Private and business can help Grace Kbh in many ways.
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